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All-in-one cart platform to revolutionalize entire online businesses is coming soon!

Promote and get ready to boost your revenue by earning up to $1,000+ per Sale!
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ZKart is a brand new, most powerful revolutionary shopping cart platform that lets anyone create an gobsmackingly beautiful online store and sell digital products in them.

ZKart comes integrated with a powerful page and funnel builder, an automated affiliate management system and an integrated ad pixel management system right out-of-the-box.

In a nutshell, it is everything one can ever look for in a one-of-kind, all-in-one business platform with a cart solution.

Here are Some of Mind-blowing
features of ZKart!
Create Beautiful Stores and sell Digital Products Whether you have info products to offer or any kind of digital ones, you can use ZKart to create gorgeous online stores incredibly easily. Adding, modifying or removing products is as easy as it gets with our super-intuitive system.
Follow Up With Cart Abandoners
On The Fly And Make More Money
Make the most of even ones who just leave their shopping experience midway and forget - or abandon - their carts. ZKart lets you re-market a new offer to them, or just follow up with the same offer. This option alone can help boost your bottom line exponentially.
Split Test Your Way To Make More Profits Without The Hassle The best way to make sure you’re making the most profit is to optimize your funnels and products. That’s why we’ve included a very robust split testing feature inside of ZKart. This way you won’t have to guess which headline, image, or even color works best. You’ll know with total certainty guaranteed.
Connect Your ZKart Pages With Your
Own Custom Domains Easily
While we believe ZKart is the bee’s knees when it comes to the all in one marketing platform, we understand you might want a little more control over your branding. Not a problem at all. You can connect your own domain name and continue to harness the power of ZKart for you and your brand’s benefit.
Know Exactly Which Traffic Sources
Are Working For You - No Guessing Necessary
You’ll also find that ZKart has the best tracking available for all of your offers. With only a few clicks of a button, you can analyze all of your traffic stats from one easy to use dashboard.
Integrate With Multiple Payment
Gateways In A Few Clicks
We all know Paypal is a major player, but not the only one in town. ZKart lets you connect with several payment processors so you’ll never miss a sale.
Design Profitable Funnels
With Total Ease
Everyone knows they need a funnel, but not everyone can get a funnel up and running quickly. Well ZKart changes all of that. Add all of your pages that you’ve designed into your funnels with drag and drop clarity. You won’t believe how easy this truly is. Even if you’re a newbie!
Fully-Customized Checkout Pages
At Your Fingertips
You know how some people want a little reassurance when they order? ZKart helps to deliver that to your potential customers with outstanding checkout pages. By tapping into these selection of pages, you’ll push your sales goals over the top without a hitch!

Manage and Pay Your Affiliates with the
Automated Affiliate Management System
Zkart lets each affiliate receive commissions which will be delivered instantly at the point-of-sale. It provides a range of different methods for affiliates to receive their commissions. We provide all payout methods provided by the affiliate for easy commission payouts.
Retarget Your Visitors and Run
Laser-Focussed Campaigns
ZKart’s powerful and integrated ad pixel management system lets you use pixels like you know from the likes of Google and Facebook. Use the pixels to run ultra-focussed campaigns and re-target your visitors with awesome offers.

Design Profitable Funnels With Total Ease Everyone knows they need a funnel, but not everyone can get a funnel up and running quickly. Well ZKart changes all of that. Add all of your pages that you’ve designed into your funnels with drag and drop clarity. You won’t believe how easy this truly is. Even if you’re a newbie!
Pick A Template or Start From Scratch If you’re new to designing a page, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. ZKart boast over (100+ number) of templates that you can pick and choose from to get started. Just add, point, click and edit. Or if you’re in the mood to design a masterpiece, just start from scratch and utilize all the page building features available.
You Can Also Create Landing Pages To Die For You’ll also be able to create any type of landing (squeeze) page you want to gather tons of rabid subscribers. Just pick from our selection of templates or start fresh. Make a few changes to some elements and you’re ready to start building your very own profitable list.
No Limitation On The Number of Pages You Create You’ll also find that we won’t limit you to the number of pages you create. While some platforms restrict how many pages you can create in your account, ZKart removes that restriction without any monthly fee. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10 pages or 100. You’ll get the same high quality service for a low one time payment.
You’ll Be Able To Create Sales Pages Like A Boss. If you’re doing any type of business online then you’re going to need a sales page. With ZKart, we’ll hand you sales page templates that are absolutely stunning. From there, just add your details and voila! You’re ready to start generating profit!
Bump Offers/Orders This lets you to configure supplementary products to display on your customer order form. After a customer selects an initial product, they can choose to add these “bump products” to their order that are complement to the original product being purchased
Click Upsells Upsell strategy increases the value of a customer's order. Hence, when you offer a new customer the opportunity to buy something else, that's an upsell. You might not know it yet, but you encounter upsells all the time.
Use Coupons Add an item to the cart via a link and then apply a discount to the cart at the same time, by specifying the discount code in the URL when using the purchase product via link. With this, the customer clicking on the CTA link will see that the item is added to the cart with a discount applied to it.

A software that grows your income from existing traffic and pays for itself many times over with high converting checkout pages, upsells, cart abondones followup and much more.
of shoppers abandon their orders due to a complicated or drawn-out checkout process
The average ecommerce site can increase conversion rates by
by improving their checkout design
of transactions are lost when websites require users to create accounts before purchasing
billion is recoverable through improved checkout processes
of shoppers say they would purchase abandoned items if those items were offered at a lower price later and 26% of them will complete the checkout process after seeing a retargeted ad
of companies with over 1,000 employees spend 50% or more of their marketing budget on retargeting.
Follow Up the Cart Abandoners On The Fly And Make More Money. You can export that list of abandonors and re-market a new offer to them or just follow up. This option alone could help boost your bottom line exponentially.
Have Amazing Checkout Pages At Your Fingertips You know how some people want a little reassurance when they order? Well ZKart helps to deliver that to your potential customers with outstanding checkout pages. By tapping into these selection of pages, you’ll push your sales goals over the top without a hitch!
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Multiple payment plans ZKart gives the ultimate control over your billing, providing flexible billing scenarios, payment plans and subscriber acquisition tools. Be it One-Time Payments, Subscriptions or Free Trial Offer, choose which suits best to your Business.
Retargeting and Tracking Pixel ZKart includes pixel support, like- Google, FaceBook. You can get the pixel code to embed on your website which will collect and maintain a database to help you track conversions of ads, optimize and build targeted.
Invoicing & Alerts When your customer goes through your funnel & completes a successful order, they’ll be sent a payment notification for their order. The system will also send an invoice receipt to your customers after purchase as this contains the details that most users seek.
Sale & Commission Alerts ZKart alerts you with all your sales & revenue metrics. It also monitors your churn, monthly recurring revenue, average transaction value and more. It also alerts whenever any sale is cracked by any of the Affiliates.
Embeddable Modal Popup The best way to hold back abandoning visitors is by re-engaging them with things they are looking for. The modal popups are displayed at the precise moment when a visitor is about to leave your website.
Affiliate management center Instant & Delayed Commission Payouts, Lifetime Commissions, In-Built Payout Method Management, Automated Bonus Delivery, Built-In Marketing Material, all this on one -dashboard.

Why this is set to be one
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Powerful Battle tested Technology.

Super easy even for complete newbies as no tech skills required.

Great product at a one-time low price adds huge value to your Subscribers.

Proven and High-Converting funnels to make you earn more.

Extra Cash & Contests for all Affiliates.

Earn up to $1,000+ per Sale and more in JV Prizes.

Round the Clock Support backed by 14-days refund policy.

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Redefine how you market
products to your customers

Conversion & Revenue Offer your customers with tons of features such as order bumps, exit popup intent, address auto-complete, coupon codes & one-click upsells for all payment methods.
Marketing features Conduct surveys to get more insights into your customers. Your surveys can be about specific actions related to transactions such as purchase, refund, etc.
Profit Division & Management You do not have to worry about splitting revenues & profits. ZKart's JV contracts give the ability to automatically split & track profits with our Affiliates.

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